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Ukloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game
Code: 119404
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Product Facts:
Invented by a mom with two boys who were prone to avoiding reading at all costs, uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game is a stimulating educational adventure. It focuses on boosting reading comprehension and building logic, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making skills while promoting independence. uKloo has been the winner multiple recognitions, including MomÕs Choice, Dr. ToyÕs Ò10 Best,Ó a Top 10 ÒPlay Advances Language,Ó and a 2015 Family Choice Award. Each game comes complete with 75 riddle cards, a reliable ÒHints HelperÓ booklet, a ÒSecret AnswersÓ list, and a pad of ÒSurpriseÓ cards. Each game also includes easy-to-follow instructions, a pad of blank ÒWrite your Own RiddleÓ cards, and a few tips for writing them. ItÕs no secret that active teaching, which strives to make learning engaging and fun, is the most effective method for building literacy skills and cognitive function. With uKlooÕs Riddle Edition, your growing child embarks on a stimulating treasure hunt journey. As they move excitedly from clue to clue, they wonÕt even realize theyÕre learning as they read the clues, consult the ÒHints HelperÓ booklet when they need to, and find the surprise at the end. A game isnÕt fun if itÕs too easy or too hard. ThatÕs why uKloo features 3 different difficulty levels. You can slowly add in Level 2 and 3 to increase progress and confidence as well as arrange different game routes for multiple players and an added level of competition. You can take an active role in helping your child figure out the riddle, let them use the ÒHints HelperÓ booklet on their own, or both! uKloo Riddle Edition is great for evening activities and turning special occasions such as birthdays into gift giving treasure hunts. ItÕs perfect for emerging and reluctant readers, homeschoolers, children with special needs, and for homework reading fun! Get yours and start playing today.
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