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An End to al-Qaeda: Destroying Bin Laden's Jihad and Restoring America's Honor (Signed Edition)
Code: 14438
Osama Bin Laden is unquestionably the leader of the worldÕs most deadly terrorist cult. He has perverted...
$9.98   $25.99

Bus on Jaffa Road: A Story of Middle East Terrorism and the Search for Justice (Hardback)
Code: 119931
As the morning sunlight crept over the limestone walls of JerusalemÕs old city, two young Americans flagged...
$18.98   $26.95

Capture or Kill: The Pursuit of the 9/11 Masterminds and the Killing of Osama bin Laden
Code: 18217
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh, two of bin LadenÕs key lieutenants: the masterminds behind...
The Enemy Within
Code: 5441
In an unprecedented effort to document terror in America since the Revolution, The International SpyMuseum...
$4.98   $19.95

Hunting al Qaeda: A Take-No-Prisoners Account of Terror, Adventure, and Disillusionment
Code: 120985
Active-duty special forces units tend to look down their noses at National Guard special forces, calling...
Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army - Benjamin Hall (Hardback)
Code: 120848
Despite numerous warnings from intelligence services, ISIS's rise to power has left countries aroundthe...
$16.98   $27.00

Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad
Code: 19640
In Manhunt, Peter Bergen delivers a taut yet panoramic account of the pursuit and killing of Osama bin...
Objective Troy: A Terrorist, a President, and the Rise of the Drone (Hardback)
Code: 189104
Objective Troy tells the gripping and unsettling story of Anwar al-Awlaki, the once-celebrated American...
$18.98   $28.00

Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan -- and The Path to Victory (Signed Edition)
Code: 18265
Operation Dark Heart tells the story of what really went on―and what went wrong―in Afghanistan. Lt. Col....
Right of Boom: The Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism (Hardback)
Code: 120281
A nuclear weapon explodes in a major American city and no one can prove who is responsible. The devastation...
$17.98   $27.95

TakeDown: Inside the Hunt for Al-Qaeda - Philip Mudd (Signed Edition)
Code: 19721
On September 11, 2001, as Central Intelligence Agency analyst Philip Mudd rushed out of the Eisenhower...
$24.98   $28.95

Talking to Terrorists: Understanding the Psycho-Social Motivations of Militant Jihadi Terrorists, Mass Hostage Takers, Suicide Bombers & Martyrs
Code: 119405
This is an account of traveling through the West Bank and Gaza, into the prisons of Iraq, down the alleyways...
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