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State Of Mind: The Man Who Knows Reveals The Secrets of Mind Over Matter by Alain Nu
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THIS ITEM WILL SHIP SEPARATELY UNTIL BACK IN STOCK. SCHEDULED SHIP TIME DECEMBER 20th. Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, Reveals The Secrets of Mind Over Matter What is mentalism? Is it a power or a trick? Unprecedented man of mystery Alain Nu says that mentalism focuses on our mindÕs amazing powersÉ and are powers that you can explore in great depth! Alain Nu reveals a rarely-openly-discussed understanding regarding the fascinating world of mentalism, which amazingly wraps into history, science, skepticism and even genuinely strange phenomenon. He shares the insights of psychic entertainer Uri Geller, introduces you to compelling scientific research on mind over matter and introduces new understanding of human potential. "State Of MindÓ offers you the opportunity to prove to yourself an invisible cosmic connection that will give you the power to project or predict the future, or even to truly read peopleÕs minds while connecting with mathematical interpretations and other-worldly cosmic dimensions. Impossible, you say? Well, prepare to open your mind. Experience the secrets of mind over matterÉ the impossible made possible! ÒAlain Nu's State Of Mind is a fascinating book that opens the secret caves of your mind to reveal how one can actually use mental abilities powers to astonish and entertain anyone. I highly recommend this book!Ó Uri Geller, www.UriGeller.com. ÒWhat if it's real? State of Mind is a must-read for any inquisitive soul who has ever experienced a psychic event or questioned the limits of reality. Oh yes, sometimes it is real!" Col. John B. Alexander, U. S. Army (Ret.), www.JohnBAlexander.com. ÒThis book provides a rare insight into a truly innovative and creative thinker and performer.Ó Dr. Richard Restak, neuroscientist, neurologist and author of more than 20 books on the human brain. www.RichardRestak.com. ÒState Of Mind is a real tour de force that convinces one that there are powers within us that would allow anyone to do miracles.Ó John L. Peterson, founder & president, The Arlington Institute, www.ArlingtonInstitute.org. "This is a captivating read that will have your head spinning with possibilities.Ó James Mapes, author, "Quantum Leap Thinking: An OwnerÕs Guide to the Mind," www.JamesMapes.com. Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, is the star of the TLC television specials The Mysterious World of Alain Nu, a Las Vegas Strip headliner and author of Picture Your ESP! Reveal Your Hidden Powers with The Nu ESP Test. Alain Nu entertains audiences worldwide with uncanny demonstrations that blur the line between science and unexplained phenomena. His untold powers foretell our actions, reveal unspoken thoughts and create seemingly impossible phenomena. "To watch him is to throw out all the rules of physics. Time and space are malleable in Nu's deft hands," said Eric Brace of The Washington Post.
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