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Spy vs. Spy Explosive Celebration
Code: 121101
One of the most celebrated comic strips in MAD's history has a deceptively simple concept: twin spies,...
Spy vs. Spyª: Masters of Mayhem by Peter Kuper
Code: 13578
Mad magazineÕs two spies are still at war long after the end of the Cold War and creator Antonio Prohias....
Spy vs. Spyª: Missions of Madness - Peter Kuper
Code: 13579
More madness, or in this case Missions of Madness, from the Mad magazine's minions of mischief, thisvolume...
Spy vs Spy Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity!
Code: 13577
Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity! locks up a collection of crazy clashes between those two bumbling MAD Spies!...
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