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Spy Party Tips
Invitations - Get the party rolling right from the start by sending out invitations that are stamped TOP SECRET. You can also use invisible ink for some of the information and provide either a developer pen or a UV light so your young recruits can reveal the important intelligence. You can also put some or all of the party intel. into cipher code. Use a cipher wheel online or another coding or cipher method. Remember to provide the guests with the tool they need to decipher it!

Decorations - Your home (or wherever your party is being held) can be referred to as Base Ops (Base of Operations) or HQ (Headquarters). Your young guests become ÒrecruitsÓ and the birthday boy or girl can be the Chief of Operations (COPS). You and other adults become the Òhandlers.Ó And the party itself can be set up as Spy Boot Camp Ð or Spy School.

Activities -
Some activities that would be really fun and spy-like would be to create new identities (otherwise known as your cover identity) and a new look to match it through a disguise buffet. You can order wigs, tattoos, sunglasses, mustaches, hats, etc. online Ð or you can just collect items from your home. Recruits will have to transform themselves in preparation for a spy mission using the disguise materials. They will need to come up with a new name, new birth date, new place of birth, even switch gender if they are daring! You can create a passport or ID card that they fill out and then take digital photos or Polaroid photos and affix a head shot of them in disguise to their new ID. Once in disguise, they can go on a mission. This mission can be outside or inside but it should involve obtaining top secret intelligence.

Cake -
You can make finding the cake the ultimate mission. Top secret messages can lead them to the location of the cake. And then to top it off the cake can read ÒMission Accomplished.Ó OR you can make a round (ball shaped) cake, cover it with black fondant, stick one or more of our NEW dynamite candles in the top and use a red licorice string to make a bomb cake that they would need to detonate by eating!
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