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Girl Goodie Bag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 190792
This goodie bag has what you need to start being the coolest Spy Girl ever! It comes with a right angle...
Fart Kit (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 190793
No one ever said Spy's don't like to prank people every once in a while. This kit includes everything...
Mischief Kit (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 190794
Just a little bit of mischief never hurt anyone right? This kit has you covered. A catapult pencil to...
Ninja Starter Kit (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 190791
Be the coolest ninja on the block! This exclusive kit comes in a red ninja drawstring bag that reads"A...
Ultimate Spy Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Code: 119242
Uncover the ultimate in tradecraft when you loosen the drawstring of our Ultimate Spy Kit (Top Secret...
Top Secret Goodie Bag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 19820
Oh Goodie! All the Spy FUN you can grab in a single bag! Our NEW party favor bag includes six of ourbest...
Spy Agent Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Code: 119240
ÒThe contents of this bag are classified,Ó warns the message on the bag that holds your tools of thetrade....
Top Secret Spy Girl Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Code: 120817
Do you like to keep secrets? Enjoy a good mystery? Delight in danger? If you answered ÒyesÓ to any of...
Spy Girl Mission Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Code: 119574
Are your role models Margaretha Zelle (Mata Hari), Virginia Hall, and Harriet Tubman? Then this kit will...
Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder Activity Book Kit
Code: 121053
Spy Kids: Discover the tricks of the trade that will turn you into super sleuths! Everything you need...
Spy X Micro Gear Set
Code: 120185
On your next stakeout, be sure to take out this Spy X Micro Gear utility belt. ItÕs got cool micro tools:...
Spy X Night Ranger Set
Code: 120204
Face danger with the Spy X Night Ranger set at your side! This super-secret spy set features four tools...
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