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Spy Agent Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Code: 119240
ÒThe contents of this bag are classified,Ó warns the message on the bag that holds your tools of thetrade....
Money Safe Kit
Code: 119323
Stash your cash and secret stuff inside a money safe you build yourself! Make it super safe by connecting...
Spy Science Intruder Alarm Kit
Code: 19437
Spy kids, especially those who dream of becoming the next Q, know that science is behind some of thebest...
Spy Science Secret Message Kit
Code: 19436
Want to know a secret? Then youÕve got to crack the code! Future cryptanalysts can learn how to sendtop-secret...
Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch
Code: 10673
If your mission requires split-second timing, keep these tools of the trade close at handÉlike on your...
Operation Spyª Rearview Glasses (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 9378
Each lense is specially treated on the Operation Spy Rearview Glasses so you can look straight aheadand...
Alex Spy Case
Code: 168
The Alex Spy Case has everything you need to complete your mission. Sleek black nylon case contains binoculars,...
Secret Marker Kit (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 16501
Got the ÒwriteÓ stuff to be a spy? Now you can send Òfor your eyes onlyÓ messages to friends and other...
Edible Spy Paper Pack (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 9122
Chew on this: Next time you have to destroy a secret message by eating it, make sure it tastes good!Use...
Kid's Electronic Voice Transformer
Code: 121130
The next voice you hear could be that of a robot or an alien! Fool your foes (and your friends and family...
Spy X Motion Alarm
Code: 120187
This top secret Spy X motion alarm security device helps protect your valuables by detecting movement...
Shocking Pen
Code: 190805
Leave this executive-style ballpoint pen on your desk where your wiliest adversary might take it, thinking...
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