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The Apprentices - Maile Meloy
Code: 119987
Two years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecaryÕs defiant...
Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop - Jennifer Allison
Code: 15038
Is Washington, D.C.' s International Spy Museum haunted? Has an enemy agent penetrated deep inside one...
Circle of Treason - Sandra Grimes & Jeanne Vertfeuille
Code: 119173
One of the most destructive traitors in American history, CIA officer Aldrich Ames provided information...
The RCI - Frederick Harrison (Signed Edition)
Code: 16780
The Remote Compliance Inducer (the RCI), an electronic device designed to steer the decisions of those...
The Red Sparrow - Jason Matthews
Code: 120221
Jason Matthews is a retired officer in CIA's former Operations Directorate, now the National Clandestine...
A Course to Stay - Frederick Harrison (Signed Edition)
Code: 16782
Admiral Philip Bergen, Director of National Intelligence, is caught between the demands of the global...
Mr. Churchill's Secretary: A Maggie Hope Mystery - Susan Elia MacNeal (Signed Edition)
Code: 18349
London, 1940. Winston Churchill has just been sworn in, war rages across the Channel, and the threatof...
Princess ElizabethÕs Spy: A Maggie Hope Mystery - Susan Elia MacNeal (Signed Edition)
Code: 18582
As World War II sweeps the continent and England steels itself against German attack, Maggie Hope, former...
His Majesty's Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery - Susan Elia MacNeal
Code: 19646
World War II has finally come home to Britain, but it takes more than nightly air raids to rattle intrepid...
Her Eyes Were Filled with Tears - Frederick Harrison (Signed Edition)
Code: 15897
With few resources in lawless Somalia, CIA joins forces with Jamal Free, a highly successful pirate devoting...
Unlikely Warriors - The Army Security Agency's Secret War in Vietnam 1961-1973 - Lonnie M. Long & Gary B. Blackburn
Code: 118857
In early May 1961, a U.S. military aircraft taxied toward a well-guarded terminal building at Tan Son...
Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler - Luke Bencie (Signed Edition)
Code: 19791
Each business day, some 35,000 executives, scientists, consultants and lawyers pass through the nation's...
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