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Commando Dad: A Basic Training Manual for the First Three Years of Fatherhood
Code: 189126
As used by Prince William himself, here's the basic training manual for fatherhood recruits! This easy-to-use...
$10.98   $16.95

Listen, Yankee!: Why Cuba Matters (Hardback)
Code: 120650
Based on unprecedented access to both Cuban and American officials, a book that offers fresh insightinto...
$15.98   $24.95

Right of Boom: The Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism (Hardback)
Code: 120281
A nuclear weapon explodes in a major American city and no one can prove who is responsible. The devastation...
$17.98   $27.95

Myths of the Oil Boom: American National Security in a Global Energy Market (Hardback)
Code: 120993
The last decade has seen a far-reaching revolution in the oil industry, both in the US and globally.By...
$18.98   $29.95

Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair
Code: 121372
Of Beards and Men makes the case that todayƕs bearded renaissance is part of a centuries-long cycle in...
$18.98   $30.00

Stand Your Ground
Code: 119537
National bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone know what it takes to fight forthe...
$4.98   $6.99

End Game: A Jonathan Grave Novel
Code: 119536
Assassins have eliminated a Chechen scientist who's been working as a double agent for the U.S. government....
$6.98   $9.99

Red Cell: A Novel
Code: red-cell-novel
After her first assignment in Venezuela goes disastrously awry, rookie case officer Kyra Stryker is brought...
$3.98   $5.99

The Counterfeit Agent: A John Wells Novel
Code: 120664
John Wells returns for another deadly mission from New York Times bestselling author Alex Berenson......
$6.98   $9.99

Threatcon Delta: A Ryan Kealey Thriller
Code: 120694
Ryan Kealey has no doubt that the forces seeking to tip this teetering world into chaos are just getting...
$6.98   $9.99

The Good Spy: A Yuri Kirov Thriller
Code: 189312
A Russian military spy sub lies marooned in American waters near the U.S.-Canadian border. Yuri Kirov,...
$6.98   $9.99

Code: 119010
Mankind is silently infected by a millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition...
$6.98   $9.99

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