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Spy Girl Dog Tag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 189206
ÒPrettyÓ and Òdog tagsÓ are not words that usually go together, but spies know that all is not what it...
Buttons - Set of 4 (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 120878
Our exclusive Spy Party Buttons have a lot to say about being a spy girl or guy. Like a cunning crime,...
Secret Agent Dog Tag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 19168
As a spy in enemy territory, your dogged devotion to your mission can get you captured. So itÕs always...
Kid's Special Agent Wallet (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 17563
Gain entry to off-limit sites (like secret clubhouses) by flashing your Special Agent credentials. Official...
Mustache Sunglasses
Code: 120180
Stash the Mustache Sunglasses in your pocket or purse for a quick change of identity. Cool shades keep...
Ninja Dog Tag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 10805
Ideal I.D. for double agents. Two-sided dog tag identifies you as an unstoppable spy with a dramaticred-and-black...
Ninja Headband (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 16054
Our Ninja warrior headband is the perfect addition to your ninja-themed party or martial arts uniform!...
Caesar Cipher Medallion
Code: 189068
Code-crackers with a sense of history will appreciate this medallion. Named after Julius Caesar, whoused...
Spy Girl Drawstring Bag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 119318
If spying is your bag, youÕll appreciate the room this tote bag allows for stashing spy gadgets, books,...
"A Ninja Swiped My Homework" Drawstring Book Bag (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 8070
A ninja is a covert operator who can get into a building without a key or vanish after learning whatneeds...
Ninja Band Bracelet (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Code: 16507
Our Ninja Band Bracelet is the perfect addition to your ninja-themed party, martial arts uniform, orcool...
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