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International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 30, Issue 1, Spring 2017
Code: 191410


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ÒThe Belgians Just ArenÕt up to ItÓ: Belgian Intelligence and Contemporary Terrorism StŽphane Lefebvre "The Man Who WasnÕt There" Benjamin B. Fischer "U.S. Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Frameworks" Scott E. Jasper "Creating the Machinery for Joint Intelligence: The Formative Years of the Joint Intelligence Committee, 1936Ð1956" Michael S. Goodman "Intelligence in Peru and Colombia: Impact on the U.S. of Two Andean Alternatives" William C. Spracher "A Shared Epistemological View Within Military Intelligence Institutions" Martin Bang "The Social Context as a Predictor of Ideological Motives for Espionage" Ralf Lillbacka "Reform in the IC: NixonÕs Huston Plan" Melissa A. Graves "A Good Intelligence Analyst" Michael Douglas Smith
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