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International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 29, Issue 3, Fall 2016
Code: 190102


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Articles Sneaking Under Cover: Assessing the Relevance of Passports for Intelligence Operations Stefano Musco & Valter Coralluzzo African Regional Intelligence Cooperation: Problems and Prospects Lawrence E. Cline Poland's Attempts to Develop a Democratic and Effective Intelligence System, Phase 1: 1989–1999 St├ęphane Lefebvre Engaging Public Support and Awareness in Intelligence: The Demands and Challenges to Developing an Intelligence Culture Irena Chiru Should Congress Provide Safe Harbor to Intelligence Whistleblowers? Frederick H. Fleitz I Got Algorithm: Can There Be a Nate Silver in Intelligence? Karl Spielmann The Contemporary Utility of 1930s Counterintelligence Prosecution Under the United States Espionage Act Eric Setzekorn MI5's Strategy During the First World War Chris Northcott Observations on Successful Espionage Joseph W. Wippl Book Reviews Igor Lukes J. Ransom Clark Carl Anthony Wege Benjamin B. Fischer Nigel West Gills Vilar Lopes
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