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International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 27, Issue 4, Winter 2014
Articles Strange Bedfellows: The Stasi and the Terrorists Marian K. Leighton Russia's Failed Transformation: The Power of the KGB/FSB from Gorbachev to Putin Ulf Walther U.S. Strategic Intelligence Forecasting and the Perils of Prediction Bowman H. Miller Operational Levels of Cyber Intelligence Troy Mattern, John Felker, Randy Borum & George Bamford Assessing an Ally and Potential Enemy: U.S. Estimates of Soviet War Potential During World War II Martin Kahn A Demonstration of the Benefits of Aggregation in an Analytic Task James E. Kajdasz The Catastrophe Method: Using Intolerable Consequences to Detect Concealed Threats Gary L. Oleson From Profession to Discipline: The Development of Romanian Intelligence Studies Cristian Barna The Role of the Intelligence Community in Identifying Cooperative Opportunities Sean F. X. Barrett The Qualities That Make a Great Collection Management Officer Joseph W. Wippl & Donna D'Andrea An Operation in the Third World Robert D. Chapman
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