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International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 26, Issue 4, Winter 2013
Code: 119038


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Articles Intelligence Analysis as Practiced by the CIA James M. Simon Jr. The Motley of Intelligence Analysis: Getting over the Idea of a Professional Model Matthew Herbert Sharing Secrets: A Game Theoretic Analysis of International Intelligence Cooperation Don Munton & Karima Fredj Radical Apocalypticism and Iranian Nuclear Proliferation: A Systems Oriented Analysis Frances Flannery, Michael L. Deaton & Timothy R. Walton Examining the NGPI ÒDotsÓ William J. Lahneman Moving U.S. Academic Intelligence Education Forward: A Literature Inventory and Agenda Michael Landon-Murray Introducing RESINT: A Missing and Undervalued ÒINTÓ in All-Source Intelligence Efforts Adam D. M. Svendsen
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