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Her Eyes Were Filled with Tears - Frederick Harrison (Signed Edition)
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Product Facts:
With few resources in lawless Somalia, CIA joins forces with Jamal Free, a highly successful pirate devoting most of the ransom money he's collected to a counterinsurgency campaign to free his native Somalia from the extremist al-Shabaab, funded by the Agency's arch-opponent (but sometime collaborator) Abdul Rashid, mastermind of the Islamist jihad.

CIA officer Hannah Crossman, under cover as a journalist, is sent to ride Free' s flagship, Spear of Islam, a restored, surplus warship. Through Hannah, Free s fighters are provided with tactical intelligence support from U.S. collection systems and, with CIA assistance on the ground, they begin to gain the upper hand in Mogadishu. To counter, Abdul Rashid brings in fanatical and experienced fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan, turning the leadership of al-Shabaab over to Ardeshir Zaballah, a Chechen fugitive. Free's relatively untrained troops begin to be overwhelmed, and control in Somalia's capital and the countryside starts to shift back to the extremists. Filled with new confidence, Zaballah resolves to strike directly against Jamal Free (and Hannah).

In the fourth of his Intelligence Community novels, Frederick Harrison again brings readers into the company of a broad range of realistically drawn characters ranging from the President of the United States to an insurgent fighter in the streets of Mogadishu. Outcomes in Her Eyes Were Filled With Tears are not always satisfactory or clear, but the world they reflect is real, dangerous and exciting.
Technical Data:
Pages. 8 x 5 x 0.9 inches.

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