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Disgusting Special Effects Makeup Kit
Code: 119395
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Product Facts:
A good spy is also a master of disguise. But when the walking dead roam the earth, this disgusting special effects makeup kit will turn you into a great spy! Discover the secret tricks that movie makeup artists use to make scary, gory, gross creatures and then apply them in your repertoire of spy disguises. Go undercover among blood-suckers, zombies, and monsters when you create fake blood, oozing blisters, vampire bites, gashes, burns, and more. Enjoy 7 fun and educational activities! YouÕll also learn about real blood-suckers and what happens to the body when it gets cuts and stuff for real.
Technical Data:
Includes corn syrup, petroleum jelly, corn starch, glue, gelatin, red and green food coloring, 5 water-based markers 3 plastic cups, 2 stir sticks, measuring spoon, and a 10-page activities book. Ages 8 and up.

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