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Declassified: 50 Top-Secret Documents That Changed History - Thomas B. Allen
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Product Facts:
Conspiracy theories often begin where the historical record ends, secret communications and classified documents obscuring the truth behind world changing events. Yet, even the mostly closely held secrets can leak out with time. Thomas Allen and The International Spy Museum expose the secret history of history with the documents left behind, shedding light on the events that played a critical role in history. From Elizabethan England to the current War on Terror, these documents focus on state secrets, clandestine operations, espionage mishaps and more. Included in this engrossing book are the Zimmerman Telegram, which led America into World War I, letters from Robert Hanssen to his Soviet spymaster and the August 2001 Presidential Daily Brief announcing that Bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S.
Technical Data:
Hardcover. 320 pages. 9-1/2Ó x 6-1/2Ó.

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