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88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary
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The First American-Afghan War, a CIA war, was approved by President George W. Bush and directed by the author, Robert Grenier, the CIA station chief in Islamabad. Forging separate alliances with warlords, Taliban dissidents, and Pakistani intelligence, Grenier launched the Òsouthern campaign,Ó orchestrating the final defeat of the Taliban and Hamid KarzaiÕs rise to power in 88 chaotic days. In his gripping narrative, we meet: General Tommy Franks, who bridled at CIA control of ÒhisÓ war; General ÒJafar Amin,Ó a gruff Pakistani intelligence officer who saved Grenier from committing career suicide; Maleeha Lodhi, PakistanÕs brilliant ambassador to the US, who tried to warn her government of the al-QaÕida threat; ÒMark,Ó the CIA operator who guided Gul Agha Shirzai to bloody victory over the Taliban; General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, a cautious man who became the most powerful man in Pakistan, struggling with GrenierÕs demands while trying to protect his country; and Hamid Karzai, the puzzling anti-Taliban insurgent, a man of courage, petulance, and vacillating moods.
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